Guide to Florida Car Insurance Laws

Miami Beach, Florida – The States in America have their own requirements and laws for auto insurance. Florida has their own set of Laws for example if you are leaving the state you should follow the standards. If your car will not be registered in Florida any longer, you may think to cancel your car insurance. We will go over some Florida Car Insurance Laws.

Requirements for Florida Car Insurance

You should not cancel your car insurance until you have registered in the new state. Florida insurance is required as long as you are registered in Florida, regardless of whether you drive in the State of Florida. Once you are registered in the new state, you can cancel your Florida car insurance. You will then comply with the insurance requirements of the state of which you have moved to.

Florida Car Insurance Liability and Laws

If you are one of many who live outside Florida for six months a year you might have questions. Should a Driver keep their Florida Car Insurance current? Yes, you should as all cars or trucks holding a valid Florida license plate and registration must be covered by a Florida auto insurance policy.

Proof of Miami Car Insurance and All Florida Cities

If you leave the State of Florida, you may surrender your license plate and registration at the nearest driver license or Tax Collector office to avoid keeping your auto insurance policy. You will be able to register your car or truck again if you return to Florida. You will then be required to provide proof of Florida Car insurance.

Current Car Insurance Regulations in Florida

With current car insurance prices at affordable prices, keep all registered vehicles insured while driving in Florida. Auto Insurance is required for all vehicles in Florida as Drivers who live in Florida for 90 days (total, not consecutive) in a 365-day period are required to purchase personal injury protection and property damage liability insurance to cover their automobiles, SUV’s and trucks.

The Florida Financial Responsibility Law for Car Insurance

Remember that all Florida Drivers who own a car must have minimum coverage to cover damage to other people and – or their vehicles. This Financial Responsibility is required for scenarios such as car crashes or DUI citations. The minimum requirements are $10,000 to cover bodily injury liability for one person, $20,000 to cover bodily injury liability to more than one person, and $10,000 for property damage liability.

Florida’s Motor Vehicle No-Fault Insurance Laws

Florida does have a No-Fault: Insurance Law. The Drivers are required to obtain coverage for their car or truck and to cover themself if they incur injuries in an automobile accident. The minimums are $10,000 for personal injury protection and $10,000 for property damage liability. Consider that Florida has expensive penalties for not carrying car insurance. Failure to have car insurance which fits minimum coverage standards could lead to a three-year suspension of your license and registration, plus a stiff fine up to $500.

Cheap Florida Car Insurance for Young Drivers and Seniors

Our website is prepared to provide cheap car insurance rates. With these low rates you can keep your coverage and maintain the required amount of auto insurance. These quotes are from various Florida Car Insurance Companies. These Florida Car Insurance Companies will notify the state of Florida when you purchase a policy. Otherwise your current Florida Car Insurance Company could notify the State that you failed to renew your policy. Obtain new car insurance coverage and drive safely and legally in Florida.


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